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Digital Imaging

Regular meetings devoted to digital imaging are held throughout the season.  The meetings are, in the main, led by the members who bring along their queries and our digital trainer helps by providing instruction in Photoshop techniques.

Instruction covers the very basics of Photoshop (start to finish) and is ideal for newcomers to this software and the more advanced options are also covered if considered appropriate.

Move your cursor over the images for a "before" or different mood

Abbatiale Saint-Ouen, Rouen

Abbey straightened, street lamp removed and new sky added.

Honfleur at Night

Quite a bit of cloning to remove the warning sign and the blown highlights. Buildings straightened. Colour temperature adjusted.

York Minster

Hue changed to depict a night shot. Moon added and there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of stars which at this resolution are virtually impossible to see. Windows on left selected and filled on two layers and a glow added to one layer

Notre Dame, Reims

Surprisingly not as much cloning as you would expect. I leave it you to work out how the hoarding at the base and the scaffolding were "removed". There are clues in the image.

Penmon Point Lighthouse

Basically the same technique as York Minster above. A selection was made for the ray and filled and a gradient used to add a little realism. The seagull was actually there. A feathered selection was made in the sea for the moon reflection.

St Catherine's, Honfleur

Building straightened, colour temperature adjusted and new sky added. Some cloning. Building leaning over because camera tilted upwards to include top and bottom of building. To avoid this move further from the building (not possible here)and use a longer lens .Expensive solution, use a tilt and shift lens.


Reeds and grasses removed by cloning. The tail of the swan on the left was added from another image of the same swan.

Aosta Church, Northern Italy

Person, fence and vehicles removed by cloning. Church corrected for perspective and brought in front of the building on the left by "borrowing" part of the roof on the right and flipping it horizontally.

Rouen Clock

Image cropped and left hand edge cloned using clone source and using option flipping horizontal

Salzburg Church

Retouching was undertaken several years ago utilising the clone tool and copying & pasting to remove the cables. The current version of Photoshop (CS5) would make this a relatively simple task by creating a path over the cables and stroking with the spot healing brush with the option content aware fill.

North Wales

Road signs, Telegraph Poles, other posts and road markings removed by cloning and healing. Warmth added.

North Wales

Houses removed by content aware fill and tidied with the clone stamp.

Aschaffenburg, Germany
Schloss Johannisburg

Cars removed by content aware fill and tidied with the clone stamp.

Aschaffenburg, Germany
Christus Kirche

Lens not wide enough to include the top and bottom of the altar so camera tilted slightly. Moving away, the base of the altar would have been hidden. Straightened using lens correction and right pillar completed using clone source. Alternative method, shoot multiple images then in photomerge lock the parallel layer to prevent/reduce converging verticals.